Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First post!

My first post on my cosplayblog. Oh yeah baby.
I've been ranting about this too much on my regular blog, so now I decided to make on, just for this!

Okay okay.
So I've talked about me cosplaying with my sister for J-popcon.
And we've decided on the costumes, so YAY! Can't wait to get started on that.

Also, I've forgotten all my planned out costumes for J-popcon... except for the Kiris one.
And I just can't afford another 'complicated' one, so I'm doing a simple one from one of my fave childhood shows.
And I'm Digivolving into Daisuke/Tai. (Yes, I just decided this, but I want to!)
So I'm gonna color my Shuichi Kahki's darker, and then I just need to put together socks, shirt, headband, shoes and goggles.

1 comment:

  1. muhar I'll be stalking thiiis <3

    -Uh uh uh nice ........... blog-slide.. wtf hedder det egentlig? XD
    OMG and I felt like making the same just with Yuki. XD

    uhm nom nom gl├Žder mig til at se jeres cosplay :3 <3