Thursday, December 12, 2013

Progress: Sakura Kinomoto White/Pink Design

So after making Ultimate Madoka, I found myself with a good portion of leftover fabric, and decided I'd use that for my Sakura Kinomoto cosplay - I have other outfits that I like better, but I mean, how could I not since I had the fabric for this?
I know this progress is sorta lacking, but girl let me tell you. I made this costume in less than 10 hours, I was just on a roll!

This was my FIRST time making an actual petticoat, which was kind of intimidating, since I hate visible petticoats and knew that I had to do whatever I could to counter that, so what I did was to layer my pink lace over the bottom tulle, and it worked PERFECTLY. It did take some tries to find out how thick I wanted the upper part.

The two white layers are full circles with added width, so I could ruffle it, to make sure to get the poofy effect.

This was the second time I did a fitted shirt, and browsed through a lot a lot a lot of references, to make sure that I could make my own pattern.
In the end I figured it out and it actually fits me close to perfectly, which I'm very proud of, since I did all the pinning ON MYSELF, no help, no mannequin.

The finished dress doesn't have as puffy sleeves as the actual design, just because I didn't want to make those kinds of sleeves, I like the aesthetic of the bottom heavy ones better. And since it's a hall cosplay - I do what I want 8D

*Mirror shot, the socks are on the right legs.

Since there was so much going on with the lace, I decided to add some see-through patterned fabric I've had lying around to the top, just to pull it together, it's pretty subtle and doesn't show up much, which I'm good with.
And the socks and choker, don't you just love shiny satin? 8D haha, but I'm so happy that the white stretch isn't see-through at all, it's very solid and pure white.

I wore the costume out for the event at the National Museum, having recieved my wig (christmas gift from mustacheerbabu) the day before, so I hurried with the cutting and styling, so it's definitely not finished, but the color is just.. amazeballs, can't wait to show you all of this properly.

All I'm missing now is my stars, staff and bows :D

Sunday, December 8, 2013

No Change, Past or Present

At Genki 2013 I was so lucky to get a few pictures snapped by the talented Saks Photography, he really is a cool guy and takes some crazy good pictures, both cosplay and modeling.
Every time I look at these pictures I find things I want to change on Ion, since I REALLY love this design, but I'm very very very critical about it and I have a hard time being completely satisfied with it - BUT I did try a lot of new things with this costume and I'm very happy about the turn out so far - And also having such a great great group as my cosplay partners, truly.

I did try and take pictures of the progress of this costume, so I will definitely make a post with those at some point, but until then - I hope your curiosity is mildly satisfied.

Mie Rose as Mirka Fortuna || Me as Ion Fortuna

*my favorite shot! This is definitely going on my wall*

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HOTD: Watch me hit the CRAY button

I wanted some solo shots of my Saya Takagi, since it's one of my favorite costumes to wear, so a few weeks back I asked one of my photographer friends if she had a few hours to spare, and luckily she did and I really like the shots that she got, so thank you very much Kelevar Photography

Looking at these shots makes me really pumped for shooting the CMV that Love Mustache Pro has planned and also a proper photoshoot with all my lovely zombie-hunters!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

HTTYD: Uncanny Friendship

A good while back, myself and my fellow mustacheers went out to shoot a promo, but as of yet, it has not been edited. So instead I'd like to share some screencaps of the shots that I really liked.

Myself as human!Toothless || Mie Rose as Hiccup

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PROMO: the Red Queen & Lechat [X-Down]

A few months (oh gosh I feel so bad) I went out to film a promo for Love Mustache Pro, with the two lovely and talented ladies, Kelevar & Himo Cosplay in their X-Down costumes.

I just knew I had to film them the first time I saw these costumes, they both look so amazing and malicious, love it!
Unfortunately a lot of shots got lost and I couldn't figure out to put the remaining ones together, so my fellow mustacheer, Mie Rose, did me the huge favor of editing this promo - Which is also the FIRST OFFICIAL FEATURE PROMO without any Mustacheers! Yay!

Friday, November 8, 2013

To-Do List: Oldies but Goodies

*Firstly, welcome to my new blog-design

I thought it'd be fun to show you some of my planned and non-scheduled cosplays, that I put into the category "Oldies but Goodies"

Characters from older shows or movies, that just attracts me as a cosplayer, both because of the stories, but also the simplicity that they have.

So here they are in no particular order

▼  Akane Tendo ( Ranma ½ )
Ranma ½ is actually my first manga and the thing that took me on this emotional rollercoaster ride that is called fandom!
I can't believe it's been over 10 years since i started that series, and I remember not really like Akane too much back then, but over time I've grown a fondness for her, and especially the short hair.

▼  Ash Ketchum ( Pokémon )
I mean, come on, who doesn't like Ash? No one? Yeah I thought so, he's a pretty unstylish kid, I heave to admit, I mean just look at that bowling shirt and denim pants, oh gosh. But I can't help myself, for all the things I dislike Ash for, he makes up for with his personality.

▼  Edward Elric ( Full Metal Alchemist )
He's a cyborg, he's short and he talks a lot (with his mechanic fists that is) - I liked Edward from the get-go and it's just a series I loved watching. I really just want to walk around being a cyborg and complain about my height.

▼  En ( Sailor Moon R )
So many people dislike Ali and En, and I can't figure out why? I mean... every character in Sailor Moon is slightly annoying, so that is just not a fair thing to call them - I think they're super adorable and just look at that hair, ugh <3

▼  Inu Yasha ( Inu Yasha )
Inu Yasha was the second anime I watched to it's fullest, and I have to be honest, I did it for Inu Yasha, I felt like he was a good-looking piece of man-dog-folk and somehow his aggressive, but protective personality just spoke to me.

▼  Joe Shimamura ( Cyborg 009 )
Oh yeah! Not the re-make! The oooold series, that's where it's at. I watched most of the series when I was about 13-14 and I just couldn't get over the characters and also that very flashy costume. I can't wait to make this cosplay honestly and I'm only stalling because I'm still not completely sure of how I want to make it, all I know that Joe is gonna be blonde, because that's what he was on my old VHS tapes!

▼  Usagi Tsukino ( Sailor Moon )
As I said, every character in Sailor Moon has some sort of annoyance to them, and that includes Usagi, but I just can't help myself, I still love her to bits, even though she can be such a airhead at times, and I just think that she suits my con personality so well + I'm dying to make the wig.

▼  San ( Princess Mononoke )
Now I don't have a great story about how I watched this movie as a child and that I had a deep-seeded connection with the heroine of this movie. Far from it actually, I did a lot to avoid this movie, because I felt like it was too hyped within the community and I was just sick hearing "MY CHILDHOOD", but last year I decided that it was time and completely fell in love with the movie, so much better than I expected and I felt like I could maybe add San to my cosplay repertoire.

Monday, October 14, 2013

PMMM: She will lose Herself

Thought it was time to finally show off some of my favorite shots from our PMMM shoot.
Despite of sudden horrible weather, our photographer, Haych Photography, got some amazing shots and did an even better job with editing.
I will leave out my Kyubey's personal shots, since she's the one to decide which she wants to share, so keep an eye out!

Ultimate Madoka : Kami Renee

human!Kyubey: Mie Rose

Monday, September 9, 2013

Progress and Product: Ultimate Madoka

This was my stage-costume for Genki 2013, and I must say... It's been some project. I've tried A LOT of new things, learned a lot about does and don'ts, and also how much I hate making frills.

I will say sorry for the very choppy WIP pictures, since I just snapped randomly during the process.

There's around 4 different variations of Madokami, with slight detail variations, which can pretty much make or break a costume, I decided for a mix between the simple and detailed, with the picture below as my main reference.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Selling wigs: Edward Elric, Kurt Wagner, Stocking AND MORE

Please visit this link to see all the wigs I'm currently selling, I'm picky with quality, so prices are what I think the wigs are worth in resell value, but debateable, go check it out !

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Desucon 8 [2013]

 Left to Right: Radu by aWacko || Ion Fortuna by Kami Renee || Mirka by Mie Rose || Astha by Zuum || Esther by Chikara

Desucon is over for this year, and I attended with loads of amazing friends, and Love Mustache Pro (+Mustacherookie)
The Venue this year was located in Lillestrøm, about 10 minutes outside of Oslo, and even though we could've done without the traveling to and back from our hostel, the venue was just amazing, so big and light, maybe not the most interesting locations for photoshoots, but it was a great place for a convention.

 Saturday of the convention we wore our Trinity Blood costumes, because we were performing and hosting a panel (but not in that order, even though that's what we agreed on.. oh well)

We hosted a panel about how you go through the process of making an act, since Norway doesn't have a big act scene, but people seem fairly interested in it. Personally I felt that the panel was lacking, because it was meant to be hosted AFTER our performance, but we did alright and got positive feedback afterwards.

A few hours later we closed off the Act showcase, CLASSY. Since all of us has been busy with exams, work, finishing the cosplays and not living right next to each other, we were lacking a lot of practice hours, but we went up there and gave it our all. And even though our monologue wasn't on the track and timing was slightly off, the crowd gave us lots of love :D

And of course, after being so serious business on stage, you have to show off your true self.

I can't express how happy and proud and just overall full of feels I am about our group, we all looked so amazing, and I know how tiresome it has been working on this project, and it's just the biggest pay-off seeing all of us together in all our bling and getting so much love from the Norwegian con-goers, you guys. ALL OF YOU GUYS! CAN I JUST HUG YOU COLLECTIVELY!?

Of course we also filmed for Love Mustache Pro, and filled up 30 gb, so expect A LOT of Desucon to come, we can't wait to share it all!

Len Kagamine by Sabrina || Kaito by Isabella

Since we're danish, we see sunday as the chill-out day, so we wore our more comfortable costumes, but also because it's just easier to film in those. I wore Saya Takagi, with Chikara as Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the dead (with inaccurate stockings, lolololo crimeriders)

Most of the day was just messsing around, filming, hanging with friends and forcing our friendship onto people 8D
Also watched the Craftmanship finale, I'm always impressed by the level of craftmanship in Norway, so many great cosplayers with a good eye for detail and character impersonation.
The winner was a Yuna cosplayer that performed the whole Summoner dance, truly amazing to see!

Ending off the entry with one of my favorite pictures so far (even though there should be many more people there, all our lovely Norwegians <3)

Thank you Desucon for always living up to our expectations, and personally I can't wait to return!
*All pictures by Daniel Erikson