Thursday, December 1, 2011

2012: Most likely cosplays.

So I thought I would just put up a list for myself, and for those interested in what cosplays I might go through with this up and coming year.
Only a few of these are a certain must, but I'd like to make all of them if possible. A few complicated and some good simple ones, the way I like it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

J-popcon 2011

It's been a week since J-popcon ended, and I figured this would be a good time, to talk out about the con and all that.

Friday I arrived with Mie, dressed as Alto and Sheryl, a very fun twist, but I liked it non-the-less. Eventhough I find it hard being girly, being totally square and very un-ladylike, haha.
We arrived early to pick up our tickets, and get some lunch before the rush started.
It mostly just were a day of meeting up with friends, chatting, getting into the con-spirit and all that, good times. We took Louise and Aybike with us home, because we could 8D

Thank you, Liv for the shot

Saturday we left Aybike at home and took Ken with us instead, I've never seen a more brilliant cosplay, suiting any person better than this, I don't even.
We met up with all of the cosplayers entering the show, at Øksnehallen, right next to the con, started changing into costumes, suddenly having a meeting late, then starting rehearsals, and I don't really don't want to get into everything that went wrong and was bothersome, because that's not what this blog is for.

Thank you, Silas, for the shot

The show started on time, and it was all over pretty quickly I must say, and after that we went to the con-halls, since we'd been "cooked up" all day, after this point I don't remember much, other than I changed clothing around 9pm, had some dinner and then went to the disco.

Sunday was mostly just walking around and talking again, not really extremely exciting.

As for now, I don't have any proper shots of our costumes, since we didn't really take any photo's ourselves, so you will have to make do with this, and the ones, some of you can see on our facebook.

If you're interested, here's a recording we found on YouTube of our skit;

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skin prosthetics: Ears and Scars

Yesterday I went out and bought a pair of fake "vampire ears", as they're so not properly called, for... whatever cosplay that I'll get to do, which demands these sorts of prosthetics

I've always hated the look of these, when you bought them, never do they look even slightly realistic.
So had to do a very not so exciting make-up job, on both ears. Starting out with covering with my everyday concealer, since... well I'm not yellow, as some of you might have noticed, and then added shadows with different brown eyeshadow and edges with some black.
Still not completely satisfied with the out-come, but I'm in no dire need to use them.

Today I picked up my Mehron Rigid Collodion, a scarring fluid, at the post office
I've been sooo very excited to get this and try it out, and I must say, I'm VERY satisfied with this product.
You can buy a brush, yourself, if you want to do finer lines, but the brush that comes with works fine for me. (It's the same as a nail polish brush)

This is the result of apx. three appliances, to get a deeper effect of the scar, the fluid dries very quickly, so it doesn't take forever to apply several layers.
The only downside to it, that if it's in a spot where your skin moves a lot, it will start to come off around the edges, but that's pretty obvious.
To remove the dried up "scar", you really just "rip" it off, apply lukewarm water if you're a whiny little fairy like myself.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

SDotP: Customizing a wig and torso armor

Thursday the wigs finally arrived, and of course.. the wig-craze that I am, I had to start styling it up as fast as possible.

The blue wig I had gotten, is long by itself, but not long enough to have the ponytail that Kaito has as the demon, alas; sewing on extensions.
The wig itself is heat resistant, and the extensions I got wasn't, so I was very lucky that the color matched up as well as it did. I got myself five single-strands of clip-on extensions, removed the clip and have sown them on were I thought would look the best in layering.
Since I'll removed them again at some point, I used black thread, so it'd be easier to spot.

The wig, inside out on a Styrofoam head, so it's easier to work with.

Today, I helped my lovely cosplay partner, with her torso armor.
Since she wanted something body tight, that would fit properly, we had to make it directly on her body, and so we wrapped her like a turkey (her words), and got cooking /see what I did there? 8D
We only added one layer of paper-maché, since it'll also be covered with chicken wire, and other very fun stuff, so it'll be sturdy for the stage.

As I've already said on this dA Journal, I've started scripting a few CMV's, and right now I'm working on a major one, with Ao No Exorcist, I've written down a few scenes that'd I'd like to use, but that it thus far, needs more time.

Frickin' artistic picture, because you're not allowed to know what'll happen 8D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Adeste Fideles

*Be present, faithful ones

Since I wasn't completely satisfied with the first shoot I had in my Kiris cosplay, I dragged mustacheranger out for a quick shoot.
Didn't get much out of this one either /I really need my Raenef, haha.
But I still got some solo shots, which I think are pretty neat, so just because I can, I'm sharing them here.

I've edited to look more cartoon-esque, just for the blog. Enjoy.
*As always, click to see larger version

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SDotP: Layers and Chrest

This weekend have been dedicated fully to the start-off on Kaito.
My very lovely cosplaypartner, Kiba, arrived friday, to help and be my sparing partner in this, I must measure up!
I started out, running by the patterns I'd chosen for the different parts, and then started cutting up, some of the fabric. The pants got tossed to the side, since I don't really need any sudden help with them (for now).

The shirt/jacket itself, actually have five different kinds of fabrics all together, but it's not something you'll be able to tell, unless you're wearing it. The outer layer is the exact same fabric all over, the see-through bottom you can see in the picture below, and oh god, it looks so nice, you won't even believe it!
Front piece is lined with red, as you can see below and above to the bottom-right, which I find a lovely contrast to everything the costume will have going on. Nom.

If you know me on facebook, you might have seen me ranting, about me and the chrest that I had to redo, and since I could, I did that tonight. I also altered it slightly, since this would be a neater version, when parted down the middle.

The chrest I'm using for Kaito is the Khanda symbol, of Sikhism, representing "The Coat of Arms" ; truth, willingness to fight, and one God, never beginning, never ending. How this translate into the story we're going to perform, I'll let you think about.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sheryl Nome: Shading a wig.

I've just finished shading my Sheryl wig, since the wig I got, I felt didn't really relate to Sheryl's hair, as much as I wanted it to. So I got cracking with the markers, which I borrowed from my lovely room-mate Nadia.

Putting streaks and shades into a wig, is really the easiest thing in the world, though very time-consuming.
If it's your first time, shading a wig, you should use a tone slightly darker than the wig's actual color, just to test it out, by doing some vertical stripes on a layer that isn't too visible.
Once you get a good technique working for you, continue with the rest of the wig, with the actual color you need. Though it's always a good idea to go lighter at first, and then layer the color if you must.

When I finished putting in the pink shades into the blonde part of the wig, I moved on to the solid pink, which looked fine underneath the shades blonde, but I wanted a more real look to it, so I used a marker, a few degrees darker than the actual color, and put in very few, very thin and separated streaks.

At last, remember... when using markers and other sorts of pens, which is used for paper... Know that the color most likely won't stick in water (some will though).
You are, in actuality, drawing on plastic, which most inks (unless designed for it), don't stick on.
Markers will stick better to a heat-resistant wig, because of the different texture, but I do not recommend doing shading, the night before the con.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SDotP: Fabrics and Armor

 Sheryl's fabric on the right, SO EASY.
Yesterday I went to buy fabric with my dear cosplay partner, Kiba.
Took us the good side of two hours, to get everything that we needed, alternate cosplays as well. /SO MUCH FABRIC
But now we're set for the actual sewing part of this cosplay. At least it seems like we are.

Today we've been talking armor and how we should actually put together the spine, thankfully, we had pretty much the same idea, with a few alterations of course.
Browsing eBay, we've also found what we want to make our armor out of, very great, much cheaper than expected as well.


We've also bought our wigs, and are totally excited about receiving them. They'll be so beautiful!

Not the actual wigs, but an estimate of the colors.

Monday, August 29, 2011

SDotP: Drafting Armor

*scarlet demon of the pavement

I've been working a little on how I want to put together the armor for Kaito.
I want it so I can bend my body and limbs, without any problem or discomfort, so it will be a very demanding project, once I get into the MAKING of it, but as the title says..
I've made some small 3D drafts of what I've imagined it to be, so far.

This first picture is the body armor, yes. It's very simple, but it is only paper, so no greater details.
I might add some more ribcage armor, but it really depends on what I'm going to work with in the end.
The long choppy piece, will also be armor, which will follow my spine, as if the armor actually is a piece of me.

This is the 'prototype' of the armor rings, which I'll make 10 of total, all to fit each individual finger.
Since it's paper, I couldn't bend out the shape as it's supposed to go, but I've gotten a feeling of how I need to put it together and what size it'll be in the end.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kensington Gardens

I was in the mood for a shoot today, so me and mustachefriend just hurried a quick shoot.

Today I've been tumblrin' too much Peter Pan, so I couldn't help myself. Peter Pan is my favorite character of all time, the mysteries and the theories that haven't been made official. He's definitely a big inspiration in my life.
This is just a closetplay, but I will be making a real cosplay of him as soon as possible.

And OMG, it's so hard smiling for real on pictures! I need to work on my cockiness.

*As always, click for larger and better quality

Future plans: J-popcon 2011

Just a quick one, to let you all know what I'm up to, the next few months.
Plans again partain my lovely partner in crime, Mie. /<3

For friday, we're doing Macross Frontier, which I'm extremely excited for, it's one of my most treasured series, and I'm happy it gets much more spotlight , than it've had in the past.
To mix things up a bit, I'm going as Sheryl and she as my Alto.

I've went over a few outfits, and originally decided on the green tunic one, but I changed my mind to one of her jumpsuits instead. Very excited to be a girly girl.

Saturday we're keeping up our Vocaloid trend, and going as the vocaloid adaption of Scarlet Demon of the Pavement, featuring Kaito, me, and Meiko, Mie.
Also going on stage with this, and working hard on making this a perfect skit. Imo, we'll either make or break, but I hope we'll succeed in make a show people 'll remember.

All in all, I think this J-popcon will be one for me to remember.
I'm very excited to see everybody else's cosplays as well.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Genki 2011

Genki is over and after a con you're supposed to write a con-review, but I suck at those, so I'll just say what I want to about what I want to 8D

Even with the stuff I'll get to later, I think this is one of the cons I've enjoyed the most, I've talked to a lot of new people, made new friendships and gotten closer to people I've talked to before. And the drama was at a minimum (at least what I know of).
(Sasha, Aybike, Emi, Bara, Barbara, Hayes, Kristine, Yoshu, Oni, Samie, Tatianna, Anja, Lina, Emi, Nadia, Mustachebuddy, Bunbun, Hopy, Rose, Lea,  still more, but these did most // Everybody loves their name on someone else's blog 8D)

This was also me and my baby's first danish con together as a couple, and it was great having her at my side all the way through, everybody be so jell-o ~ 8D

Saturday we had signed up for the cosplay show, with both of ours first cosplay skit, the nerves, the nerves!!
The whole experience up untill standing on stage, wasn't all that pleasant, not because I was freakishly nervous, the conditions was just horribad. But I'm not gonna whine.

The stage it self, was much bigger than what we'd expected, so I think that kinda messed up our act slightly, that and the lighting and bass, but can't do nothing about that now, so whatevs!
All in all, it was a good learning experience, and I'm happy that a lot of people enjoyed our small act.

If you've seen the video, you'll know we won "Crowds favorite", and I'm still surprised about that, but it's always pleasant to win, yes? 8D
The rest of the con, we just chilled with everybody and enjoyed the company very much.

Also, here's just some pictures of how I did the print on Ivan Fiore's T-shirt

Signing off by saying that my Sheryl and Klan wig arrived monday, and they're both gorgeous!
So here's the seller if you're interested ; 1982bigdreamer

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Space and Wigs

So I'm really bad at updating, huh?
Cosplay stuff is happening in my life, but I don't really get around to take pictures of a lot of it, also because it's pretty boring for you all to watch, but here's some stuff.

A week ago, I was out with a friend to buy groceries, and I stumbled upon this portable closet, and was like.. I NEED THIS UGLY THING IN MY LIFE, since my cosplays have been pretty much packed down, whenever I haven't been using them. /big no no

All of those. In that small suitcase, can you even believe it?

Yesterday I got the wig that I've been commissioned for, Bára wanted a wig for her Ace Crash cosplay. So I got working on that, as soon as I got up.
I spend almost exactly two hours on this wig, I could probably spend more time, but it's not easy when it isn't a wig for the average head.

I can't wait to see how it fits her, omigosh!! /and yes, it's a mustalicious foam head.

And lastly, I just purchased these two wigs, for very cheap on eBay. Since the last place I ordered my Sheryl wig, didn't turn out too great.
And since I will be doing Klein sometime in the future, I thought I might aswell get that one too.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love this blood-soaked world, without fear

I revamped my Ciel Phantomhive costume, since I wasn't satisfied with the look of it before, and today I had the chance for a photoshoot, thanks to the always amazing mustachefriend! /I was supposed to be Roxas, but I just didn't feel like it.

As always. Click the photo's to watch the larger and much better quality version!

mood music for your liking.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roxas is finished.

I finished Roxas the day before we had to leave for Desu, nice.

I tried a lot of new things with this costume, and I've also learned a lot.
Even with the flaws of it, I like the cosplay a lot, and I can't wait to have some pictures taken.

It was also the first time for me, to actually build shoes, which was... entertaining XD
Pretty easy, since Roxas have some mighty big shoes, so no minor detail.
I used fun foam to build the outer skeleton, and also some wire to hold it in shape, and then papermaché to make it sturdy.
Covered it with hard pleather and added details (which was actually the hardest)

I don't really have a lot of progress pictures from making the costume it self, so you'll have to settle.
The tank top, came out a little too long, so my anatomy looks a little weird, but oh well.
The pleather I worked with for the jacket and pants covers, were amazing, and so easy sew in. The red I used for the collar, WAS NOT!!
I did a lot of ragequitting on the jacket, but still managed to finish it XD

I got a lot of attention for the costume, which surprised me, because I figured that the Kingdom Hearts hype had ridden itself out, but I guess not. The wig got slightly damaged during transport, especially the flat side, and I didn't really get to remake it at the hotel, because I got busy with other stuff, but a lot of people still called it the best they've seen ever, omigosh the flatter <3

All in all, it was a really fun costume to wear, because of the attention, and the way I had to carry myself in it, because of the giant shoes (serious leg pains by the end of the day!!)

If I had to change something, I think I would tug in the leg-covers a little and make the inner collar stand up like it's supposed to.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Roxas and different wigs.

Pressure is on for finishing for Desucon.
Two days ago, I went out with Nadia & Killing to get some fabric in Roskilde.
And I found most of the stuff I needed, less than I expected actually, we like that. Today I got some stuff for my shoes with mustachefriend.

And just to make it a little interesting, here's some wigs that I've fixed up.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I kill.

(I'm.. so.. fucking.. tired.. of.. fucking... chrome.)

Another sunday shoot, done by my lovely mustacheappreciater.
This location is a school close to our house, very convenient, and it's large as heck, but we didn't get far, because of some people roaming around the area.
and oh gawd, ears does not appreciate the psycho wind, that's happening today.

Anycase, onwards to the pictures.
*as always, click image for larger version*

and welcome to my new design :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Return to Zero

I decided that I wanted a casual photoshoot with Len.
So today I stole Mustachebuddeh Bine and her guitar, and went on location 8D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vocaloid, Digimon and Lucky Dog 1

At the moment, I'm working on several cosplays and projects right now,so I thought I'd share some of it.

Firstly, I've finished my Tai prototype (because I want some different fabric) = no stars, pockets or buttons.
I know. It've taken forever + infinity, to sew these pieces together.

The wig is about 50% finished, because I've decided to do something different with the headband.

And also, me and Kiba's wigs arrived, about two weeks ago, so I've been working on them a lot aswell, they're heat resistant, so more work, but I'm getting more and more satisfied with them.

Trying it on, with first try make-up.

and just a snap of the overalls for my Ivan cosplay, yes, very oversized. nice.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kid Spock

So, being the Trekkie that I am, I saw a picture of Mr. Delicious-Vulcan-Man, and went on a rampage, and ending up with deciding, that heck. I should make a Spock cosplay for Okashii Con.
And so I did, and this is the result XD

I had EXACTLY enough black fabric to make the pull-over shirt, it doesn't really "fall" as I want it to, but the fabric isn't the most ideal, but it's good enough :P

The grey shirt is also going to be my casual Kaito shirt, which is why I added the 'turtle collar'.

Also, you can see that I've tried closing the collar in a different way, since the "fold and close", looks bad and annoys your neck a lot.

I won't be using a wig for this, and I probably won't be able to get any ears in time, but I don't really care too much, this is just a simple costume I made for the fandom, I'll update it later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Typical Yes-man

A cosplay I've been considering for a while (not for any special occasion though, just because Lau is awesome)
So I'm playing a little around with make-up and such~

*Edited version of this picture*