Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney Prince?

With messy messy hair.

So I'm practicing manly make-up. And it's really hard not going overboard with it XP
Since it gotta make male features, but still trying not to make it too... cakey.
Ah well.. I'm going in the right direction I believe. ( AND OMG IT WORKED SO WELL ON MY NOSE!!!)

(I couldn't choose what pictures I liked the most, so just posting EVERYTHING)


Cosplay FAQ?

1: When did you start cosplaying?
2005, but not seriously untill 2010 Ö

2: What was your first cosplay?
Light Yagami of Death Note <3

3: Who got you into cosplaying?
Myself. I didn't have any friends within the cosplay community at that time.

4: Have any cosplay idols?
My friends always inspire me, but I have no particular idol.

5: What is your favorite series to cosplay?
Oh god... Digimon (and Pokémon) haven't cosplayed from there yet, but I have several planned XD

6: So far, what have you cosplayed?
Light Yagami of Death Note
Kaworu Nagisa (School uniform) of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shuichi Shindo (Fashion disaster) of Gravitation
Momiji Sohma (School Uniform) of Fruits Basket
Shiraume (Everyday) of Air Gear

7: Do you make your own cosplays? 
As much as possible

8: What are your specialties when it comes to cosplays? (Makeup art, props, wig styling, etc.)
Wig styling! and making T-shirts XD

9: Favorite character to cosplay
Momiji as of now, because we have the same mentality XP

10: Variants?
None yet.

11: Couple Cosplays?
Happening soon :D

12: What cons do you like to attend?
J-popcon, Genkicon, Desucon, Soracon :3

13:  Masquerades? Skits?
Only done skits for YouTube :P

14: Gatherings?

15: Won any awards?
Nope, nothing to show off properly just yet :P

16:  What is your next cosplay?
 Kiris of Demon Diary and Tai of Digimon

17:  What makes you unique as a cosplayer?
I always wear alot of make-up? XD

18:  Made good friends through cosplay?
Yes. I do believe so.

19: Do you like photoshoots?
I'm actually more comfortable doing the shooting :P But I do like having my picture taken XD

20:  Why do you cosplay?
I cosplay because it makes me happy and satisfied. It's a creative out-lid, since I've lost a lot of other creative interests. And it's a way of 'showing off' my skills, which I'm proud of.
I cosplay because I want to. I think it's actually as easy as that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The chosen one.

I was out getting fabrics today!
I got the fabric for Kiris undershirt and 'dress'.

It's not the 'original colors of the character, but I'm taking some artistic deliberatives, since the original colors are... BUTT UGLY! (worse than Shuichi's)
So I just gotta get my sewing machine fixed, hopefully I can take it to the 'fixing' place tomorrow or saturday Ö
I'm still unsure what to do with the pants, the boots too, but I think I've figured that out somehow.

I'll buy the fabrics for Louise's costume when I've gotten payment for helping Kiba with her wigs :3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The case is 99%

I'm posting on this blog way too much XD
Show's how much life I have.

In process of wearing down my wigs. I did another streetstyle.
Of a character I really don't like too much

What I really think of L;

Any gays... suggestions about styles to do with the brown wig? and the black one for the matter.
I haven't cut any of them yet~


Today I got my wigs for Tai and Kiris.
Yay! ..... Kinda.
They're both so synthetic, at least the black one is. The brown one has some kanekalon in it, so it doesn't frizz up too much.
But really... really? The other stuff I've gotten from the seller weren't as synthetic as this! darnit damnit >A<;;
I just gotta work around it, wear 'em down before i style 'em permanently.

I'm kinda stressed about making the Demon Diary costume, since J-popcon isn't far away, and I gotta make alot of stuff for this costume. Whew.
Next week I'm gonna go shop for fabrics, hoping to drag someone else with me for some help XD

In other news!
Me and Kiba have decided to make a cosplay together for the next Genki.
We're going to be Len and Rin, and as far as now.. we've chosen the 'Servant of Evil' look, victorian look and still very 'twin'-like (EVENTHOUGH THEY AREN'T!!)
So I'm trying to develope some more 'luvin' for the character Len, since I have given the Kagamine's much attention out of all the vocaloids :P

Yes. They're supposed to look that airbrushed XP

Sunday, September 5, 2010

just sitting around?

Today I decided it was time to cut my Ume wig.
Since I only gave it bangs for Genki, so it was pretty meh and boring.

But, CHU BANG! Haircut of course improved it, and I'm so much more happy with it now!
If I got money left over, I might make another Ume outfit for J-popcon. Or just fap around in the one from Genki XD
Should I make a new one, guys? Ö

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tai'ng it to the streets

Just me, practicing.
And yes. I use my own hair to practice how I want my wigs to look.
I'm just that good. (not really XD)

I've ordered the wigs for Kiris and Tai, so now I'm just waiting for them.
Today I also bought T-shirt fabric for Tai, and I just need to get the stuff for goggles and his gloves.
Then sew it together and I'm done (sounds like a piece of cake writing it like this XDD)

I'm planning to go to copenhagen sometime next week, so I can get the fabric for my Kiris and Louise's Raeneff.
Ho yeah.
Now I just need to get my sewing machine fixed (OOPS?!!!!?)

More pictures;