Saturday, December 18, 2010


So, I've been asked if I wanted to do some wig tutorials for the danish CosMag.
I'm still unsure if I want to do it, since I'm pretty messy and random when I make wigs, I don't have much of a system. And also I wouldn't like for people to come down on my 'techniques', since what works for me, works for me.

But anyways!

If I choose to do these tutorials... what would you guys like to see? (cutting, styling, dye, the works)
And any examples for characters that would be interesting to see? It can also just be elements of the hair, not an overall look.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple games

I just wanted to wear a little on my brown wig, and I figured Sora would be a good way to go about it.

Keep in mind, the wig hasn't been cut at all, and it really just is a 'play around' thing, and the get-up is just to see how it'd look with the character (Thank you Zuum for letting me borrow it)

The one I made for my DeviantArt

A better view of the overall wig

and just a picture I liked XD

If I really should make a Sora wig, it'd probably not look like this at all, I'd stick more to the actual spiking that he got, not with the waved ends, but oh well. Gotta try different things, cha know?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still court.

Today Zuum was a darling and took me out to get photos of my Ciel Phantomhive costume.
This must have been one of the serious 'sacrifying yourself for cosplay' situation, because DAMN.
That crap was cold, I was close to dying in the end, I tell you. Srz bznz.

Anyways.. we got some shots, so lemme share :D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From Italy to America

If you know me.. and how I get around with doing my cosplays.
You know that I need about 2-3 projects outside the main ones.

I've done a little 'wigswap' thing, with Zuum's and got this orange wig. And I was browsing around for characters with orange hair, unfortunately.... there's not alot that I actually like, or just want to cosplay XD
So I settled for Italy, of Hetalia. He's portrayed mostly with brown hair, but on alot of photoes it's very lightbrown orange-ish, so I'm putting in brown streaks all over the wig.
So still VIP.

Also not making the 'official' outfit, but the Italian school uniform XD <3 (which means I'll make his hair more femme, due to him looking like a girl when he was younger XD)

 And also I'm playing around with how I want my wig, when I make Jake Long of American Dragon, it's a show I watched when I was a little younger and had Cartoon Network. Hayes pushed me over the edge to actually say "I'm gonna do this." So yeah XD

I'm probably going to buy a new black wig, and then some green extensions, cut them up and then Hairspray them onto the ends of the spikes, to get that green effect that he also have, I think it's an important point of his hair.

I've never noticed I get that twirl thing, when I smirk .__.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making more natural roots on wigs.

I started on a new project today, and it involves a VERY OBVIOUS PARTING, so I figured... I'll snap a few pictures, and show you guys how I make wigs look more natural.

You need your wig of course XD
Some wigs have more color tones, so for those, this is rarely a must, but this wig is solid orange, and the 'crown' is very much visible, and looks very unnatural.

Magic sharpers (Using a brown one here), I know this isn't something that you don't really have around, unless you have more creative streaks (This one is happily borrowed from Zuumie xD)
the easiest way, is to use the light end, to softly stroke against the hair. Some sharpies doesn't 'stain' all that well, some does, so it's really about trying out what's best for the wig you're using.

*I'm pointing this, it's not flat on the wig!*

You can see I've stained the roots in choppy patterns, and also the small cap, just to darken it all a little.
You should also remember to layer, so you dye roots that isn't visible just now, but will be with movement, this gives depth to the wig.

And here without a flash, in natural light.

As you can see, I've also dyed in streaks, but that's another tale for another time.

Hope this is of help to some of you, there's alot of different ways to go about this, so you gotta be patient, and make your own way :3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dark and Krad wig commissions

Here we go, proper pictures of the Dark and Krad wigs I made for Lea and Zuumie.
This was my first time at doing wigs that had to be able to get rustled on stage, without going out of style.
Also they wanted a more "realistic anime esque" look, not too natural and not too anime (hardcore spiking)

The Dark wig was borrowed, therefore it was very limited as to how much I was allowed to play with layers, and really perfect it. It had alot of fly-away leftovers (cut off the ones I could get away with), and the neck was too straight, and the sides too uneven, but all in all. I think it turned out good still.
But definite need of improvement on the next one that Zuum's ordered (can't wait), especially more layering on the top (Hello single spike, doesn't anyone like you?)

Krad's wig was pretty easy and I finished it alot quicker than I thought I would.
There was alot of hair on this wigbase, so I had alot of hair to work with, and it was easy to move around, (can't say the same about the ponytail though x__x)
The long part of the fringe is one of the things I'm most satisfied with, it turned out really good, and it actually looks like it've been there all along, when it's actually a glued on strand :D
Also I love the bottom back part, since I had to make a little "Faggot tail", for the larger one to cling too, the net was VERY visable, so I had to pull small strands into the back, to cover it, and also it gives a really good texture effect.

The wigs together (Here you can see alot of Darks flyaways x_x;;)
Since Dark and Krad are mirror images of eachother, I felt it was very important to give them a very definite likeness, and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. (look at top fringe 'spike')

But that's actually all I have to say about that. Sorry for the watermarks ^^;
I'm excited for upcoming projects, hooo yea~

(Btw... should I do this for every wig that has a little more advancement in it? you guys wanna see that? huh?)

Monday, November 15, 2010

J-popcon 2010

J-popcon is over, and I must say....  it was a con filled with much better costumes than all the other years.
Though there was alot of bought once, but oh well. I'm a supporter on every side, I'm mostly interested in wigs, which... was pretty... needed here and there ^^;;

My Ciel Phantomhive costume, inspired by the Nendroid of him = not so AMAZING and with lots of details.
But still I'm pretty satisfied with the turn out (Eventhough it's transparent in bright lights XD)
*pictures by my friend Hopy*

And the 'wigs I've helped prepping part'

Kiba's Madam Red, I've cut this wig out of a really long one, and imo... it turned out perfect. It really suits her so well, and I'm proud of it.
*Picture by Ali Jehad*

It turned out so amazing (I say amazing too much), I was really satisfied with the face... flop... thingy... I've seen alot of... very unsuccessful tries on this one, and I was very into making it perfect and wearable.
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

Sabine's (borrowed*unstyled*) wig, that I fixed up, unfortunately. No real good pictures yet, before I get my camera recharged, but this is a little something something. And I think it turned out great, seeing what I had to work with for starters, not being able to cut it and all :P
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

So.... should I start taking commissions?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teru Teru Momiji

Me and the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Zuumie went out today to take some cosplay pictures, unfortunately we completely lost the light on her part, so all the pictures are.... totally worthless to put it bluntly.

But Zuumie took some GREAT pictures of me in my Momiji costume :D
just in time before I have to restyle the wig <3

Who's in the forest strolling?
The birds and the bees sing Momiji!
The frogs in the pond are calling,
Momiji, yes, it's true.
The trees raise their leaves together.
Who needs the sun when we've got you?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Infernal to a lense

I know. I make the best titles. Deal with it.

So. As I've said.
Promised Kiba to make my Ciel for J-popcon, so I'm slowly working through it.
No process picture with the outfit itself yet, I 'tore' it off the mannequin, because I got tired of being taunted by it's unfinishness.

So today I practiced a little with the make-up, and I think I've settled on this look.

(of course my Sony decided to run out of battery, so.. cellphone x_x;;)

And a quick shot to show, how big a difference make-up and lenses does.
(I look stoned, but it was the clearest picture I got)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Just a quick shot of how the shirt I made for Kiris looks.
I'm really satisfied with it, and think it have the 'medieval' feel to it, that the whole Manhwa does :D

So... Kiba talked me into trying to finish my (so unplanned) Ciel cosplay, for J-popcon, since she's going as Madam Red.
So I made some practice make-up and tried to style a wig with the likeness of Ciel's hair.
I've already ordered a wig, tomorrow I'm going to look for fabric, and then see if I can manage to make the shorts.

Ciel eye-patch. Not showing it off properly before I've gotten the wig XDD
It's self interpreted, since I HATE the look of the one he's portrayed to use. This one is so much more hardcore >D

And because I got annoyed with my Tai cosplay, I started working on my Ritsuka shirt, made by leftover fabric. It's just something I'm working on on the side, it's not for anything special.

And I'm very excited about everything. Can't you tell?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney Prince?

With messy messy hair.

So I'm practicing manly make-up. And it's really hard not going overboard with it XP
Since it gotta make male features, but still trying not to make it too... cakey.
Ah well.. I'm going in the right direction I believe. ( AND OMG IT WORKED SO WELL ON MY NOSE!!!)

(I couldn't choose what pictures I liked the most, so just posting EVERYTHING)


Cosplay FAQ?

1: When did you start cosplaying?
2005, but not seriously untill 2010 Ö

2: What was your first cosplay?
Light Yagami of Death Note <3

3: Who got you into cosplaying?
Myself. I didn't have any friends within the cosplay community at that time.

4: Have any cosplay idols?
My friends always inspire me, but I have no particular idol.

5: What is your favorite series to cosplay?
Oh god... Digimon (and Pokémon) haven't cosplayed from there yet, but I have several planned XD

6: So far, what have you cosplayed?
Light Yagami of Death Note
Kaworu Nagisa (School uniform) of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shuichi Shindo (Fashion disaster) of Gravitation
Momiji Sohma (School Uniform) of Fruits Basket
Shiraume (Everyday) of Air Gear

7: Do you make your own cosplays? 
As much as possible

8: What are your specialties when it comes to cosplays? (Makeup art, props, wig styling, etc.)
Wig styling! and making T-shirts XD

9: Favorite character to cosplay
Momiji as of now, because we have the same mentality XP

10: Variants?
None yet.

11: Couple Cosplays?
Happening soon :D

12: What cons do you like to attend?
J-popcon, Genkicon, Desucon, Soracon :3

13:  Masquerades? Skits?
Only done skits for YouTube :P

14: Gatherings?

15: Won any awards?
Nope, nothing to show off properly just yet :P

16:  What is your next cosplay?
 Kiris of Demon Diary and Tai of Digimon

17:  What makes you unique as a cosplayer?
I always wear alot of make-up? XD

18:  Made good friends through cosplay?
Yes. I do believe so.

19: Do you like photoshoots?
I'm actually more comfortable doing the shooting :P But I do like having my picture taken XD

20:  Why do you cosplay?
I cosplay because it makes me happy and satisfied. It's a creative out-lid, since I've lost a lot of other creative interests. And it's a way of 'showing off' my skills, which I'm proud of.
I cosplay because I want to. I think it's actually as easy as that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The chosen one.

I was out getting fabrics today!
I got the fabric for Kiris undershirt and 'dress'.

It's not the 'original colors of the character, but I'm taking some artistic deliberatives, since the original colors are... BUTT UGLY! (worse than Shuichi's)
So I just gotta get my sewing machine fixed, hopefully I can take it to the 'fixing' place tomorrow or saturday Ö
I'm still unsure what to do with the pants, the boots too, but I think I've figured that out somehow.

I'll buy the fabrics for Louise's costume when I've gotten payment for helping Kiba with her wigs :3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The case is 99%

I'm posting on this blog way too much XD
Show's how much life I have.

In process of wearing down my wigs. I did another streetstyle.
Of a character I really don't like too much

What I really think of L;

Any gays... suggestions about styles to do with the brown wig? and the black one for the matter.
I haven't cut any of them yet~