Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From Italy to America

If you know me.. and how I get around with doing my cosplays.
You know that I need about 2-3 projects outside the main ones.

I've done a little 'wigswap' thing, with Zuum's and got this orange wig. And I was browsing around for characters with orange hair, unfortunately.... there's not alot that I actually like, or just want to cosplay XD
So I settled for Italy, of Hetalia. He's portrayed mostly with brown hair, but on alot of photoes it's very lightbrown orange-ish, so I'm putting in brown streaks all over the wig.
So still VIP.

Also not making the 'official' outfit, but the Italian school uniform XD <3 (which means I'll make his hair more femme, due to him looking like a girl when he was younger XD)

 And also I'm playing around with how I want my wig, when I make Jake Long of American Dragon, it's a show I watched when I was a little younger and had Cartoon Network. Hayes pushed me over the edge to actually say "I'm gonna do this." So yeah XD

I'm probably going to buy a new black wig, and then some green extensions, cut them up and then Hairspray them onto the ends of the spikes, to get that green effect that he also have, I think it's an important point of his hair.

I've never noticed I get that twirl thing, when I smirk .__.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making more natural roots on wigs.

I started on a new project today, and it involves a VERY OBVIOUS PARTING, so I figured... I'll snap a few pictures, and show you guys how I make wigs look more natural.

You need your wig of course XD
Some wigs have more color tones, so for those, this is rarely a must, but this wig is solid orange, and the 'crown' is very much visible, and looks very unnatural.

Magic sharpers (Using a brown one here), I know this isn't something that you don't really have around, unless you have more creative streaks (This one is happily borrowed from Zuumie xD)
the easiest way, is to use the light end, to softly stroke against the hair. Some sharpies doesn't 'stain' all that well, some does, so it's really about trying out what's best for the wig you're using.

*I'm pointing this, it's not flat on the wig!*

You can see I've stained the roots in choppy patterns, and also the small cap, just to darken it all a little.
You should also remember to layer, so you dye roots that isn't visible just now, but will be with movement, this gives depth to the wig.

And here without a flash, in natural light.

As you can see, I've also dyed in streaks, but that's another tale for another time.

Hope this is of help to some of you, there's alot of different ways to go about this, so you gotta be patient, and make your own way :3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dark and Krad wig commissions

Here we go, proper pictures of the Dark and Krad wigs I made for Lea and Zuumie.
This was my first time at doing wigs that had to be able to get rustled on stage, without going out of style.
Also they wanted a more "realistic anime esque" look, not too natural and not too anime (hardcore spiking)

The Dark wig was borrowed, therefore it was very limited as to how much I was allowed to play with layers, and really perfect it. It had alot of fly-away leftovers (cut off the ones I could get away with), and the neck was too straight, and the sides too uneven, but all in all. I think it turned out good still.
But definite need of improvement on the next one that Zuum's ordered (can't wait), especially more layering on the top (Hello single spike, doesn't anyone like you?)

Krad's wig was pretty easy and I finished it alot quicker than I thought I would.
There was alot of hair on this wigbase, so I had alot of hair to work with, and it was easy to move around, (can't say the same about the ponytail though x__x)
The long part of the fringe is one of the things I'm most satisfied with, it turned out really good, and it actually looks like it've been there all along, when it's actually a glued on strand :D
Also I love the bottom back part, since I had to make a little "Faggot tail", for the larger one to cling too, the net was VERY visable, so I had to pull small strands into the back, to cover it, and also it gives a really good texture effect.

The wigs together (Here you can see alot of Darks flyaways x_x;;)
Since Dark and Krad are mirror images of eachother, I felt it was very important to give them a very definite likeness, and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. (look at top fringe 'spike')

But that's actually all I have to say about that. Sorry for the watermarks ^^;
I'm excited for upcoming projects, hooo yea~

(Btw... should I do this for every wig that has a little more advancement in it? you guys wanna see that? huh?)

Monday, November 15, 2010

J-popcon 2010

J-popcon is over, and I must say....  it was a con filled with much better costumes than all the other years.
Though there was alot of bought once, but oh well. I'm a supporter on every side, I'm mostly interested in wigs, which... was pretty... needed here and there ^^;;

My Ciel Phantomhive costume, inspired by the Nendroid of him = not so AMAZING and with lots of details.
But still I'm pretty satisfied with the turn out (Eventhough it's transparent in bright lights XD)
*pictures by my friend Hopy*

And the 'wigs I've helped prepping part'

Kiba's Madam Red, I've cut this wig out of a really long one, and imo... it turned out perfect. It really suits her so well, and I'm proud of it.
*Picture by Ali Jehad*

It turned out so amazing (I say amazing too much), I was really satisfied with the face... flop... thingy... I've seen alot of... very unsuccessful tries on this one, and I was very into making it perfect and wearable.
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

Sabine's (borrowed*unstyled*) wig, that I fixed up, unfortunately. No real good pictures yet, before I get my camera recharged, but this is a little something something. And I think it turned out great, seeing what I had to work with for starters, not being able to cut it and all :P
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

So.... should I start taking commissions?