Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kid Spock

So, being the Trekkie that I am, I saw a picture of Mr. Delicious-Vulcan-Man, and went on a rampage, and ending up with deciding, that heck. I should make a Spock cosplay for Okashii Con.
And so I did, and this is the result XD

I had EXACTLY enough black fabric to make the pull-over shirt, it doesn't really "fall" as I want it to, but the fabric isn't the most ideal, but it's good enough :P

The grey shirt is also going to be my casual Kaito shirt, which is why I added the 'turtle collar'.

Also, you can see that I've tried closing the collar in a different way, since the "fold and close", looks bad and annoys your neck a lot.

I won't be using a wig for this, and I probably won't be able to get any ears in time, but I don't really care too much, this is just a simple costume I made for the fandom, I'll update it later.

1 comment:

  1. "Want to be my Kirk?" I can't believe you'd think I would wear curry yellow. XD
    You gonna be so cute <3