Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skin prosthetics: Ears and Scars

Yesterday I went out and bought a pair of fake "vampire ears", as they're so not properly called, for... whatever cosplay that I'll get to do, which demands these sorts of prosthetics

I've always hated the look of these, when you bought them, never do they look even slightly realistic.
So had to do a very not so exciting make-up job, on both ears. Starting out with covering with my everyday concealer, since... well I'm not yellow, as some of you might have noticed, and then added shadows with different brown eyeshadow and edges with some black.
Still not completely satisfied with the out-come, but I'm in no dire need to use them.

Today I picked up my Mehron Rigid Collodion, a scarring fluid, at the post office
I've been sooo very excited to get this and try it out, and I must say, I'm VERY satisfied with this product.
You can buy a brush, yourself, if you want to do finer lines, but the brush that comes with works fine for me. (It's the same as a nail polish brush)

This is the result of apx. three appliances, to get a deeper effect of the scar, the fluid dries very quickly, so it doesn't take forever to apply several layers.
The only downside to it, that if it's in a spot where your skin moves a lot, it will start to come off around the edges, but that's pretty obvious.
To remove the dried up "scar", you really just "rip" it off, apply lukewarm water if you're a whiny little fairy like myself.

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