Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sings words without Promise.

So here's a bunch of somewhat proper pictures of me and Mie's SDotP cosplays.
We of course choose to have the pictures taken the day that the temperature dropped drasticly, and these cosplays are definitely not the warmest at all, so we were both uncomfortable, but had to get at least SOMETHING out of our agony, and this is it. /We'll have another shoot some other time.
And thank you MustacheRanger02 for enduring it as our photographer!

How do I feel about this cosplay? Overall, I'm surprised I was able to pull something like this off, there's some things I wanted differently, but that's basic design, that I really couldn't waver from.
As soon as the cosplay is on, it's not really the biggest bother to walk around in, as long as I got a grip on the wing /which I hate and don't want to talk about ever.
It's not a costume I'll revamp ever, I think. But I'd very much like to make the original Shaytan design some time.

*click images for better quality

More pictures can be found on our seperate dA; Kiba -- Kami -- Zuum

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