Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Genki 2012

It's time to update again! Now here with a con-update. Last weekend I attended Genkicon, with a whole lot of amazing people! I must say that Genki is my second most fave con, the feel is just good between the con-goers.

Friday I wore my Nemo cosplay, together with Mie as my Princess, and eventhough it felt a little funny being in a big white pyjamas, I enjoyed being him, and felt really comfortable, though hot, because that fabric doesn't breathe at all, tsk tsk.

Thankfully MacDonalds have great icecream for the heat!
We got recognized a few times, but nobody came up to me, everybody approached Mie, Why do I look so scary ;A; ?

The con this time, was waaay more hanging out than it've been the other years I think, saturday Torkill and Frodo from Desucon Norway joined in /no picture of Frodo, because you can't handle his vikingness
This con was also alot of people switching between casual and cosplay, I guess not many are willing to sacrifice for cosplay in this heat, haha.

Saturday I wore Muramasa, cosplayed with my friend as Yuan, and we did get recognized a few time, mostly her though, haha. I felt really silly in the cosplay, mostly because I have a hard time with wearing things that're specific to cultures, don't want to be disrespectful or look weird, but after I've seen a few pictures of me in it, I feel a little more confident in wearing the cosplay again.

Because 'what is logic?' me and Mie changed into our new How to Train your Dragon cosplays, me as human Toothless, I hope we will be able to go on a shoot before she leaves for Japan, because I'm actually pretty proud about this cosplay, especially the details on the vest.

And come on. I have the cutest Hiccup ever.
AAaaand yes, it was very hot wearing these cosplays on one of the hottest weekends this summer, but I don't care~

Sunday it was Final Fantasy time again, I think maaybe this is the first time for me to wear a cosplay twice for a con, not that I mind doing that, it've just never worked out like that.

Hayes joined in as Maqui, which made me very happy, I loooooooove his cosplay! It's really well made and he just looks amazing in it.
Mie had also finished her bag, and oh my god, I can't decide what I like the most on her costume anymore!

So thanks all you guys for an awesome con!
prettiest pictures will come later~


  1. Jeg er så glad for at jeg fik set dig og særligt dit Fantasy cosplay in real life!
    Tak for Genki <3

  2. Babies 8D <3 You were such a fab Nemo (and yes, you are super scary, must be the big-ass eyes and the button nose, I totally see it now)