Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ion Fortuna, Come at me.

I have a lot of projects for the coming year, the most daunting one, is Ion Fortuna of Trinity Blood. I'm actually not a Trinity Blood fan, but as soon as I saw this design, I felt extremely inspired, and couldn't help myself for making it a plan for next years Desucon.

All the sowing will not happen before next year though, so I'm trying to make most of the jewelry before that.
So here's a picture of the design that I'm working on, just so you know what I'm getting myself into.

Some months ago I started trying to figure out the detail designs for the domes, which is not easy mind you, since there really isn't much specific details on it. (artwork why?)
And since I know this isn't going to be a lightweight cosplay, I used Styrofoam, just to make it slightly lighter than clay would be.

And the the project was actually pretty much off until now, because I haven't been in a cosplaying spirit. BUT, today I visited an antique jewelry shop near my house. And oh my gosh, I found so much I can use for him, I really had to restrict myself from not buying everything they had in there (It was cheap too!)

So I got a varies of different beads, dangly earrings, broaches and stuff alike.
I also found a bag with all sorts of different kinds of beads, but most were silver, but that's nothing a little paint can't fix.
*click the imagine for the delicious details

So yes, that's an actual update!
After this find, I'm excited to start working on Ion again

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