Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Portrait Tip: Personality Angle

As a cosplayer, you're more than likely to have your picture taken, at cons you cannot control what the photographer does, but at a photoshoot, it's easy to know what to expect and you can help your photographer with guidance to how your character is supposed to be perceived.
*Do mind that everybody's face and body is different and my tips are not rules!

I got one example here, about how much a slight angle, can change your look.

In photo number one, the camera is pretty much right in front of my face, possibly a little higher up. This angle will make your head look bigger, and most of your facial features smaller, while your eyes gets bigger.
not just your face, but your torso also changes, since your neck appears to be shorter and your shoulder pulled up.
This angle is perfect for young characters and also the generic cute girl, and also if your character is more vulnerable, because the viewer has the dominant height.

In photo number two, the camera is obviously lower than my face, but not by much. This slight change makes an obvious impact, your head will appear smaller and proportionate to your body, therefore more adult and serious. Your neck looks longer and also taller.
This angle is good for adult characters, and if you're like me; a shorty, it will make you appear at least an inch or two taller. It is a more serious angle and not used often for cutesy pictures.

I hope this helps those of you who need it, it was very much a spur of the moment thing, but fun non-the-less

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  1. DKos tutoriaaaaaal :D (Ps, jeg skal se om jeg kan huske/bruge det her for jeg ser altid lidt tardet ud på billeder når jeg selv skal tage den)