Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Desucon 8 [2013]

 Left to Right: Radu by aWacko || Ion Fortuna by Kami Renee || Mirka by Mie Rose || Astha by Zuum || Esther by Chikara

Desucon is over for this year, and I attended with loads of amazing friends, and Love Mustache Pro (+Mustacherookie)
The Venue this year was located in Lillestrøm, about 10 minutes outside of Oslo, and even though we could've done without the traveling to and back from our hostel, the venue was just amazing, so big and light, maybe not the most interesting locations for photoshoots, but it was a great place for a convention.

 Saturday of the convention we wore our Trinity Blood costumes, because we were performing and hosting a panel (but not in that order, even though that's what we agreed on.. oh well)

We hosted a panel about how you go through the process of making an act, since Norway doesn't have a big act scene, but people seem fairly interested in it. Personally I felt that the panel was lacking, because it was meant to be hosted AFTER our performance, but we did alright and got positive feedback afterwards.

A few hours later we closed off the Act showcase, CLASSY. Since all of us has been busy with exams, work, finishing the cosplays and not living right next to each other, we were lacking a lot of practice hours, but we went up there and gave it our all. And even though our monologue wasn't on the track and timing was slightly off, the crowd gave us lots of love :D

And of course, after being so serious business on stage, you have to show off your true self.

I can't express how happy and proud and just overall full of feels I am about our group, we all looked so amazing, and I know how tiresome it has been working on this project, and it's just the biggest pay-off seeing all of us together in all our bling and getting so much love from the Norwegian con-goers, you guys. ALL OF YOU GUYS! CAN I JUST HUG YOU COLLECTIVELY!?

Of course we also filmed for Love Mustache Pro, and filled up 30 gb, so expect A LOT of Desucon to come, we can't wait to share it all!

Len Kagamine by Sabrina || Kaito by Isabella

Since we're danish, we see sunday as the chill-out day, so we wore our more comfortable costumes, but also because it's just easier to film in those. I wore Saya Takagi, with Chikara as Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the dead (with inaccurate stockings, lolololo crimeriders)

Most of the day was just messsing around, filming, hanging with friends and forcing our friendship onto people 8D
Also watched the Craftmanship finale, I'm always impressed by the level of craftmanship in Norway, so many great cosplayers with a good eye for detail and character impersonation.
The winner was a Yuna cosplayer that performed the whole Summoner dance, truly amazing to see!

Ending off the entry with one of my favorite pictures so far (even though there should be many more people there, all our lovely Norwegians <3)

Thank you Desucon for always living up to our expectations, and personally I can't wait to return!
*All pictures by Daniel Erikson


  1. YOU GUYS <3 You all did an amazing job : D

  2. Oh you mustacheerbabus <3
    It was amazing meeting you again at Desucon this year! So many feels <3
    Thanks for featuring me and my Lenderp haha <3
    I can't wait to see you guys again! //throws all her love and feels at you