Sunday, December 8, 2013

No Change, Past or Present

At Genki 2013 I was so lucky to get a few pictures snapped by the talented Saks Photography, he really is a cool guy and takes some crazy good pictures, both cosplay and modeling.
Every time I look at these pictures I find things I want to change on Ion, since I REALLY love this design, but I'm very very very critical about it and I have a hard time being completely satisfied with it - BUT I did try a lot of new things with this costume and I'm very happy about the turn out so far - And also having such a great great group as my cosplay partners, truly.

I did try and take pictures of the progress of this costume, so I will definitely make a post with those at some point, but until then - I hope your curiosity is mildly satisfied.

Mie Rose as Mirka Fortuna || Me as Ion Fortuna

*my favorite shot! This is definitely going on my wall*

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