Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From Italy to America

If you know me.. and how I get around with doing my cosplays.
You know that I need about 2-3 projects outside the main ones.

I've done a little 'wigswap' thing, with Zuum's and got this orange wig. And I was browsing around for characters with orange hair, unfortunately.... there's not alot that I actually like, or just want to cosplay XD
So I settled for Italy, of Hetalia. He's portrayed mostly with brown hair, but on alot of photoes it's very lightbrown orange-ish, so I'm putting in brown streaks all over the wig.
So still VIP.

Also not making the 'official' outfit, but the Italian school uniform XD <3 (which means I'll make his hair more femme, due to him looking like a girl when he was younger XD)

 And also I'm playing around with how I want my wig, when I make Jake Long of American Dragon, it's a show I watched when I was a little younger and had Cartoon Network. Hayes pushed me over the edge to actually say "I'm gonna do this." So yeah XD

I'm probably going to buy a new black wig, and then some green extensions, cut them up and then Hairspray them onto the ends of the spikes, to get that green effect that he also have, I think it's an important point of his hair.

I've never noticed I get that twirl thing, when I smirk .__.


  1. omg, jake long. that is so awesome!!

  2. Jake Long.. I Love you Kami.. For reaaaaaalz! <3

  3. All them projects you little <3
    (and I just drooled over your new BG for the whole time XD)

  4. når du laver dit smirk, pouter du imens... gay

    Jeg er enig med Gitte. Ghey.