Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dark and Krad wig commissions

Here we go, proper pictures of the Dark and Krad wigs I made for Lea and Zuumie.
This was my first time at doing wigs that had to be able to get rustled on stage, without going out of style.
Also they wanted a more "realistic anime esque" look, not too natural and not too anime (hardcore spiking)

The Dark wig was borrowed, therefore it was very limited as to how much I was allowed to play with layers, and really perfect it. It had alot of fly-away leftovers (cut off the ones I could get away with), and the neck was too straight, and the sides too uneven, but all in all. I think it turned out good still.
But definite need of improvement on the next one that Zuum's ordered (can't wait), especially more layering on the top (Hello single spike, doesn't anyone like you?)

Krad's wig was pretty easy and I finished it alot quicker than I thought I would.
There was alot of hair on this wigbase, so I had alot of hair to work with, and it was easy to move around, (can't say the same about the ponytail though x__x)
The long part of the fringe is one of the things I'm most satisfied with, it turned out really good, and it actually looks like it've been there all along, when it's actually a glued on strand :D
Also I love the bottom back part, since I had to make a little "Faggot tail", for the larger one to cling too, the net was VERY visable, so I had to pull small strands into the back, to cover it, and also it gives a really good texture effect.

The wigs together (Here you can see alot of Darks flyaways x_x;;)
Since Dark and Krad are mirror images of eachother, I felt it was very important to give them a very definite likeness, and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. (look at top fringe 'spike')

But that's actually all I have to say about that. Sorry for the watermarks ^^;
I'm excited for upcoming projects, hooo yea~

(Btw... should I do this for every wig that has a little more advancement in it? you guys wanna see that? huh?)


  1. I wanna see all the wigs you do <3

  2. Synes det er de bedste wigs du har lavet so far ^^ Det var ærgeligt med Dark wig'en at du ikke måtte gøre mere ved den >.< Især den der single spike haha! Glæder mig til at se den nye ^^

    Og jeg synes det ville være meget sjovt at se de wigs du laver ja 8D
    *btw du kan få Jo-wig next time vi ses ;D

  3. Jeg stemmer for, at du poster flere billeder af parykker, du har stylet!
    I like them, du bliver bedre og bedre :D

  4. super parykker du fik lavet der :)
    især Krads ser fantastisk ud på billeder.
    Good job little boy!

  5. Woah, you did an amazing job *__* Both of them are peeeeeerfeeeect!