Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roxas is finished.

I finished Roxas the day before we had to leave for Desu, nice.

I tried a lot of new things with this costume, and I've also learned a lot.
Even with the flaws of it, I like the cosplay a lot, and I can't wait to have some pictures taken.

It was also the first time for me, to actually build shoes, which was... entertaining XD
Pretty easy, since Roxas have some mighty big shoes, so no minor detail.
I used fun foam to build the outer skeleton, and also some wire to hold it in shape, and then papermaché to make it sturdy.
Covered it with hard pleather and added details (which was actually the hardest)

I don't really have a lot of progress pictures from making the costume it self, so you'll have to settle.
The tank top, came out a little too long, so my anatomy looks a little weird, but oh well.
The pleather I worked with for the jacket and pants covers, were amazing, and so easy sew in. The red I used for the collar, WAS NOT!!
I did a lot of ragequitting on the jacket, but still managed to finish it XD

I got a lot of attention for the costume, which surprised me, because I figured that the Kingdom Hearts hype had ridden itself out, but I guess not. The wig got slightly damaged during transport, especially the flat side, and I didn't really get to remake it at the hotel, because I got busy with other stuff, but a lot of people still called it the best they've seen ever, omigosh the flatter <3

All in all, it was a really fun costume to wear, because of the attention, and the way I had to carry myself in it, because of the giant shoes (serious leg pains by the end of the day!!)

If I had to change something, I think I would tug in the leg-covers a little and make the inner collar stand up like it's supposed to.

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  1. Man, the shoes are so silly that they're adorable! (WHY does everyone in KH have so big feet? I never understood that, haha!)

    I looove the fabrics you chose for the jacket! And the wig looks cool as well :D