Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Space and Wigs

So I'm really bad at updating, huh?
Cosplay stuff is happening in my life, but I don't really get around to take pictures of a lot of it, also because it's pretty boring for you all to watch, but here's some stuff.

A week ago, I was out with a friend to buy groceries, and I stumbled upon this portable closet, and was like.. I NEED THIS UGLY THING IN MY LIFE, since my cosplays have been pretty much packed down, whenever I haven't been using them. /big no no

All of those. In that small suitcase, can you even believe it?

Yesterday I got the wig that I've been commissioned for, Bára wanted a wig for her Ace Crash cosplay. So I got working on that, as soon as I got up.
I spend almost exactly two hours on this wig, I could probably spend more time, but it's not easy when it isn't a wig for the average head.

I can't wait to see how it fits her, omigosh!! /and yes, it's a mustalicious foam head.

And lastly, I just purchased these two wigs, for very cheap on eBay. Since the last place I ordered my Sheryl wig, didn't turn out too great.
And since I will be doing Klein sometime in the future, I thought I might aswell get that one too.

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  1. Your wig skills is just om nom nom nom *O* I can't wait to see her wear it too now! >U<