Sunday, September 18, 2011

SDotP: Layers and Chrest

This weekend have been dedicated fully to the start-off on Kaito.
My very lovely cosplaypartner, Kiba, arrived friday, to help and be my sparing partner in this, I must measure up!
I started out, running by the patterns I'd chosen for the different parts, and then started cutting up, some of the fabric. The pants got tossed to the side, since I don't really need any sudden help with them (for now).

The shirt/jacket itself, actually have five different kinds of fabrics all together, but it's not something you'll be able to tell, unless you're wearing it. The outer layer is the exact same fabric all over, the see-through bottom you can see in the picture below, and oh god, it looks so nice, you won't even believe it!
Front piece is lined with red, as you can see below and above to the bottom-right, which I find a lovely contrast to everything the costume will have going on. Nom.

If you know me on facebook, you might have seen me ranting, about me and the chrest that I had to redo, and since I could, I did that tonight. I also altered it slightly, since this would be a neater version, when parted down the middle.

The chrest I'm using for Kaito is the Khanda symbol, of Sikhism, representing "The Coat of Arms" ; truth, willingness to fight, and one God, never beginning, never ending. How this translate into the story we're going to perform, I'll let you think about.

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