Saturday, September 3, 2011

SDotP: Fabrics and Armor

 Sheryl's fabric on the right, SO EASY.
Yesterday I went to buy fabric with my dear cosplay partner, Kiba.
Took us the good side of two hours, to get everything that we needed, alternate cosplays as well. /SO MUCH FABRIC
But now we're set for the actual sewing part of this cosplay. At least it seems like we are.

Today we've been talking armor and how we should actually put together the spine, thankfully, we had pretty much the same idea, with a few alterations of course.
Browsing eBay, we've also found what we want to make our armor out of, very great, much cheaper than expected as well.


We've also bought our wigs, and are totally excited about receiving them. They'll be so beautiful!

Not the actual wigs, but an estimate of the colors.

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