Saturday, March 10, 2012

the First Stitches (Embroiding)

Today I received my embroidery stashes from the Felt Fairy, I bought this in a bundle of 33, for 8usd, with shipping, AMAZING, the cotton threads are really thick and soft, perfect for what I'm going to make! I'm so happy about my purchase!

SO! What's the thread for? well I think I might have mentioned it before, it's for Noel Kreiss. He has a lot of embroidery work on his shirt and pants. At first I thought about getting very textured fabric, but I knew it wouldn't look and feel the way I wanted it to, so I decided to do it the hard way.

First I found scrap fabric that's NON-stretchable, thick, but not heavy. Sketched up the collar and added colors, to be 100% sure I wouldn't f**k up, and for the thread to blend better.

After doing that, choosing the color of thread, /btw, I hate that yellow color, oh god yellow why you such an ugly color?
It's always best to line up your stashes to see if you think the colors will fit good together, or if you need a lighter or darker shade.

After that, pulling two strands out, of the thread of the stash, and get knocking. /I will work on this day and night, otherwise I just know I won't finish!

I'm already disliking this, just because I hate tedious jobs, but I must overcome this challenge!

And just a picture to show you the hopeful end result!


  1. Dude, that'll take for-fucking-ever. XD But good luck!

  2. that's hard work, but boooy.. I am sure it's gonna look fucking awesome.

  3. OMFG! That's going to be so awesome!

    My reaction: "... Whaaaaat!?"