Monday, April 9, 2012

Argentine and Noel's patterns

I got a little of my cosplay-motivation back, and I started up on Argentine again.
Cut out the pieces for his halter neck, but since it's plain black, I didn't feel the need to take any pictures of that. Other than that, I finished the top of his pants, there really wasn't a need for it, but I added an elastic waist, mostly so I'm sure that they won't suddenly fall off, since the fabric is a little heavy.

On the pictures you can see the white "Y"'s, which I was sooo close to ragequitting when making, but god does it look good on the pants, I can't even. Worth it!

Today and yesterday, my sweet and lovely partner, helped me getting some speed on Noel's embroiding, since I'm getting a little stressed about finishing in time, so many small details on this costume that needs to be made, since you really can't fake jewelry, dip-dye and embroidery too well.
So I chose my colors, agreed with the design and size, and then we got crackin'

The design is much nicer in real life, than I thought it would be, and seeing it, makes me really happy that I chose to do it this way, and not just put pieces of fabric together.
But as you can see, getting all this work done also means I'm running out of thread faster than I thought I would!  So have to order a new batch soon.


  1. *smiler* kan se at Boy også gir en hjælpende pote!

  2. Woah, Noel is a real bitch c: I feel your pain.