Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What should we do with our days?

Since it's been a wild wild weekend with photoshoots, I couldn't help myself and asked my wonderous Mustacheranger, to come out and shoot me as Rin Okumura. I haven't finished his jacket or tail, but that usually doesn't stop me, haha. I wanted to get a feel of the character, and I had a lot of fun with it, and know I'm going to have a good time in this cosplay.

A few of the pictures I've edited in a tail, just because it was missing so bad XD other than that.. I think these are the pictures I've edited the less on, ever.

*All pictures are bigger than you think

*not the greatest picture, but I faced my fears!


  1. Aww~~ Hvor er du bare en sød Rin! >w< Jeg håber jeg kan se dig med det på in real life~ ♥

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING. where did you get those ears from I want some! aaa i love both your blogs x

    1. Thank yoou! The ears are bought in a local store here in Denmark (Just checked if they're still in stock on the site, but doesn't look like they are), but I think they'd be called elf-ears, since they only have the pointy part and not much length, perfect for humanform >D

      And I love that you love my blogs! 8D