Thursday, June 14, 2012

Noel Kreiss: Bag, Sheath, Armor

Since Darth Vader aka Desucon is coming up REAL SOON,  I'm working hard to finish all the things for Noel Kreiss. I can't believe I said yes to make this cosplay, so many things and details, haha.

Also doing my best to take progress pictures while doing all of that.
So here we go, in not particular order, Because it doesn't really matter.

I've finished the arm 'armor' thing, it actually didn't take too long to make, or maybe it did, I was entertained by True Blood and my girl that kept undressing and redressing.

*Remeber, all pictures have bigger versions, To inclickety and beyond!

It's held on by two broad elastic bands, covered with pleather, for comfort.

I also finished his fannypack,... and now that I think about it, I actually haven't /note to self: remember the beads.
Anyway, since I'm using this as an actual bag, it's firmly secured, and the innards have an extra pocket for easy access or whatever.

The belt(lower) and belt strap(upper) is almost finished. I had to redesign the pattern on the strap, after a closer look at the actualy design, so it was a little improvised, but I still kinda like how it turned out.

The 'silver charms' are made with a base of foam and then covered with paperclay. I'm still not used to working with clay, since I'm so impatient.

Finished the sheath for his 'extra' dagger, the color scheme is a little free styled, but I'm still pretty satisfied.
It was only yesterday, when I had to start working on the handle of the dagger, that I noticed there was text on it, so  I swung the marker.

I wanted an easier way to make the blue part of the collar, instead of embroidering, so I got some dark velour and sewed it on, also a little extra picture of the shoulder strap, that I still haven't finished.

I've also been helping my guy Hayes with his Maqui cosplay, and he's going to look pretty amazing if I don't say so myself (Do notice: I have NOT touched the cosplay at all, it's all his work and my guidance)
As stupid as I am I used oil-based paint on the bolster of the dagger, so it's taking forever to dry.


  1. Hnnnng that bag though
    (And hey, there I am, looking retarded as always!)

  2. ... Oh damn I look attractive.

  3. So..much..amazingness ;_;
    You guys HAVE to wear these cosplays at Genki as well .. >:CCC