Wednesday, April 3, 2013

J-Popcon 2013

J-popcon 2013 was last weekend, the same venue as last year; DGI Byen & Øksnehallen.
I've had a pretty ambivalent view on this con for a few years, because it've felt unorganized and not at all worth the price, but on the other hand it IS still the biggest convention in Denmark and the show is always amazing.

This year I was very surprised, I very much enjoyed the convention actually. I'm not one who attends panels or anything of the sort, so I can't talk about those - but what was great; was the maturity and spirit of the attendees and staff.
Everyone was very welcoming and I didn't at all feel uncomfortable as I have done some of the past years, because of maturity level and the bursting of the personal bubble. - Not at all an issue this year!
And also the show was amazing, oh gosh, so many great acts, and I want to list all of them here, but I don't want to leave anything out!

Check out this user on YouTube who has uploaded all of the showcases!

Onwards to the cosplays I wore!

Friday: Humanized Lady Marian from Disney's Robin Hood
Partner: Bàra as Robin Hood.
Feels: I thought I would be very uncomfortable in this cosplay, just because it's so feminine, but I actually enjoyed it a lot and got a lot of positive response on it, which definitely boosted my confidence in cosplaying girly girls - The best thing was definitely the parents at the con recognizing my character and being truly happy about that (all my face-character feels!)
For next time: I will completely redo the outer layer dress, because I wanted a different look for it and I also got too skinny for it (How I met your mother, anyone?)

picture by Ame Photography

 pictures by Kelevar Photography

Satuday: Argentine from the DNAngel mangaFeels: This is definitely a cosplay I'll wear more than once, I liked wearing it and I was just really happy to finally have it done after so long! And I love the fabric-types I've chosen! I didn't get recognized really, people were mostly confused, but that doesn't matter too much imo.

pictures by: Saks Photography

Sunday: Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead
Partners: Chikara as Rei, Zuum as Saeko, Mie Rose as Takashi
Feels: Well... our sailor fuku's didn't arrive in time, so the yukata's was a back-up plan, that I guess turned out alright, but I was pretty sad about now actually wearing the 'proper' costume, and actually had to buy back-up glasses, because otherwise I'd not at all feel into the character - The glasses helped and I actually had a good time, pigtail wig and all. It was fun cosplaying with a group of four, something that could be really addicting! We've recieved our uniforms now, so I'm super excited to get out and shoot!

pictures by: Saks Photography