Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jason Todd: Bodysuit, Cape & Mask [Progress]

Some weeks ago, I was out fabric-shopping, for my extra costume for Desucon 2013, but didn't find a type of fabric that I wanted to use, and since I've had a lot of Jason Todd feelings, I decided to 'bring him home' instead.

I'm making the 'cameo' version from the series Young Justice, since it's the Robin version of him that I like the most, I like the details and think they fit his character a lot.
I know I'm not nearly ripped enough to actually imitate the 'boxing athlete' body of Jason, but I my love for the character just makes up for it in my mind. 8D

I wanted to make the whole suit and cape in pleather, but since the store didn't have the right type, I went with the 'generic' lycra/spandex-types, but since it is my first type doing something like this, I thought it was a fair middle-ground!

If I can't find a full-body short or licensed design of a character, I make a costume sheet, at least 90% of the times, this really helps, because I don't have to keep the whole design in my head, and remember details.

Most of the base bodysuit was finished by day one, and I realized I should stop slouching so much, haha.
The top is baggy, and that's because I've been unsure about how to make the top part wider (in a maaanly way)

I then started on making the cape, this was a first for me, and I have to say it's been one of the most challenging things ever, one; because I wanted to get it right in the first go. Second; I had no idea what I was doing.
But I'm satisfied with the result, and I like the way that it moves.


I bought a full-face mask for the 'cowl' (I wish, haha), just because I wanted to try it, next time I'll make the base myself. I'm still debating weather or not to cover it with pleather and then add some gloss (because I think it looks good when it shines)

Looks sorta uneven here, but I swear it's not XD
The thing I'm working on now is the details on the side, which I realized today is upside down, but unfortunately I have no way to bend my body in a way so I can actually pin them on, so for now (as you can see in on the left picture) it'll look like a mecha-suit for a futuristic magical girl.


 I can't wait to finish this costume! Super psyched!

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