Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still court.

Today Zuum was a darling and took me out to get photos of my Ciel Phantomhive costume.
This must have been one of the serious 'sacrifying yourself for cosplay' situation, because DAMN.
That crap was cold, I was close to dying in the end, I tell you. Srz bznz.

Anyways.. we got some shots, so lemme share :D

imo, Ciel is just a costume that's better to shoot inside, but yeah. We have no where close that we could do it, with proper indoor attire, you know what I mean XD
Another time that must be.

No photoshoot without a little funstuff XD

We were 5 minutes into the shoot, and the bell started 'howling' away.
This is my surprised pose.


  1. DAYUM.

    I'd do him. You make such a lovely, bratty Ciel, hon :3

  2. I just love my little Ciel~
    And ultimate lol on ring ding dong pose, a mixture of 'do not want' and 'it's soooooo cooooold' XD

  3. I like.. I like it alot :j!

    (Og specielt dit "suprised pose" xD )

  4. Incredible what you do for cosplay, huh? In January I had photoshoots with four different people out in the freezing snow. Crazy what some pretty snow will make people do :O

    Lovely photos! The surrounding are perfect for a Ciel shoot and the snow compliments the costume so much! I especially like the shoot with the sunny building in the background. Gives a nice feeling! And the makeup you did is great too - love the eyebrow :D

    Just a shame that the pictures are a bit grainy~

  5. Your cosplay is really beautiful... that's what I think ^^ I'm sorry if my english is not very good --' this is because I'm French :D
    The costume of ciel that you made is really classy ^^ the background is just perfect ! And of course, you are very pretty.