Friday, December 17, 2010

Simple games

I just wanted to wear a little on my brown wig, and I figured Sora would be a good way to go about it.

Keep in mind, the wig hasn't been cut at all, and it really just is a 'play around' thing, and the get-up is just to see how it'd look with the character (Thank you Zuum for letting me borrow it)

The one I made for my DeviantArt

A better view of the overall wig

and just a picture I liked XD

If I really should make a Sora wig, it'd probably not look like this at all, I'd stick more to the actual spiking that he got, not with the waved ends, but oh well. Gotta try different things, cha know?


  1. omg, awesome! *u*

  2. THANK YOU. A Sora wig that doesn't look like someone stuck a fucking hedgehog to their head. *__*