Friday, January 14, 2011

Confined and Beautiful

I ordered a binder like... a week ago, and it came in monday, hooo yeah~
So much more comfortable than anything I've ever done to hold in the small amount of boobage that I got.

Dude! FedEx, see that's class! It came in about 24 hours after I pressed "Confirm payment", w00t!

All three manshirts, Zuum's, Hayes' and Mine. very nice.

Oh yes. Man shirt.

So right now I'm testing it out, I must say... I think I need to shrink it down a little, Toned man boobs, I don't appreciate it much, when I cosplay small boys.

Also, Kiba came by... the day before yesterday, so we could start on details for our Servant of Evil.
This time... We called out roses, since we're gonna try and win a craft-price, we're going to make as much as we can ourselves.

Working haard

I must say... IT TAKES FOREVER! Took me like 4 hours to ALMOST finish mine x__x;; but I got the technique down now >D

How you like that gorgeous?

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  1. HAHA :D I know the feeling I've been making the rose's to the pink madness myself too but omfg!!! It takes FOREVVER