Thursday, January 6, 2011

Progress makes Perfect

I've been a good queerbody and started on my cosplays early. Because I can *huhuhuhu*

I started off, doing the base bottom of my Ivan over-alls.
Making them on my sewing machine was a pain, since it's a CHEAP model, but Nadia have allowed me to borrow hers for the finishing touches, so EF YEAH.

btw... I hate stripes that have to align. x___x

And here's an example of how thick the fabric is, next to some pretty basic white fabric.

It's still very light and comfortable though <3

And also, I've started on the detachable stuff on Len's SOE outfit.
We call it.... the butt... thing... I dunno.
I want to name it something french XDD Since I forgot what these things are actually called.

4 pieces of apx 150 meters of fabric, damn guys, damn.

There's some faults in it, stuff that I've couldn't done differently, but still... I think the end result isn't something I'll cry about, yet XD

The thing that I'm going for, I thought it was a cool detail to a very simple outfit.

This is somewhat what it'll look like, when I've sown them all together, though the second layer will be shorten a little, so it doesn't cover up the third frill.
And it'll be easire to see all the layers when I'm actually wearing it, because my butt is not flat XP

But that's it for now, I'll keep up the work, because I loooove it xD <3