Monday, January 3, 2011

Yards of new people

Today, me an Kiba, decided to go shopping fabrics for our cosplays, at this place we hadn't been before. But apparantly... all the big kids are doing it. (ooooh, you see what I did there?)

And two more halls, I don't even!

And so we did, and oh my gosh... I want to live there!
So much awesome stuff (ooh~ twice if you're danish XD)

We were in there for like... 2-3 hours, looking for all the perfect fabrics, and I really wasn't bored or uncomfortable = great.

Aftwards we left, me carrying like 11 to 12 meters of fabric. Heavy. HEAVY.
then Noerreport to stop by at Stof2000 and Panduro, nice.

I'm seirously excited about getting started!

Ivan Fiore, casual Kaito, SOE Len Kagamine

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