Thursday, August 11, 2011

Genki 2011

Genki is over and after a con you're supposed to write a con-review, but I suck at those, so I'll just say what I want to about what I want to 8D

Even with the stuff I'll get to later, I think this is one of the cons I've enjoyed the most, I've talked to a lot of new people, made new friendships and gotten closer to people I've talked to before. And the drama was at a minimum (at least what I know of).
(Sasha, Aybike, Emi, Bara, Barbara, Hayes, Kristine, Yoshu, Oni, Samie, Tatianna, Anja, Lina, Emi, Nadia, Mustachebuddy, Bunbun, Hopy, Rose, Lea,  still more, but these did most // Everybody loves their name on someone else's blog 8D)

This was also me and my baby's first danish con together as a couple, and it was great having her at my side all the way through, everybody be so jell-o ~ 8D

Saturday we had signed up for the cosplay show, with both of ours first cosplay skit, the nerves, the nerves!!
The whole experience up untill standing on stage, wasn't all that pleasant, not because I was freakishly nervous, the conditions was just horribad. But I'm not gonna whine.

The stage it self, was much bigger than what we'd expected, so I think that kinda messed up our act slightly, that and the lighting and bass, but can't do nothing about that now, so whatevs!
All in all, it was a good learning experience, and I'm happy that a lot of people enjoyed our small act.

If you've seen the video, you'll know we won "Crowds favorite", and I'm still surprised about that, but it's always pleasant to win, yes? 8D
The rest of the con, we just chilled with everybody and enjoyed the company very much.

Also, here's just some pictures of how I did the print on Ivan Fiore's T-shirt

Signing off by saying that my Sheryl and Klan wig arrived monday, and they're both gorgeous!
So here's the seller if you're interested ; 1982bigdreamer


  1. Wuuuuh :D
    We do love your names on other peoples blogs :D!
    Tak for en dejlig con <3

  2. Haha you guys deserved to win! I loved your act!
    and your T-shirt is so nice!~ >U<)b

    Thanks for a nice con~

  3. You guys were awesome - might just have been "another Vocaloid" group but an awesome one! You really deserved your price :D

  4. I like that you wrote Emi two times <3 *chough*
    You did such a great job with the act, and seriously when you got shot. ouf!! It looked so awesome! (I sound so morbid when I say I liked to see you die, it wasn't supposed to sound like that!)