Monday, August 29, 2011

SDotP: Drafting Armor

*scarlet demon of the pavement

I've been working a little on how I want to put together the armor for Kaito.
I want it so I can bend my body and limbs, without any problem or discomfort, so it will be a very demanding project, once I get into the MAKING of it, but as the title says..
I've made some small 3D drafts of what I've imagined it to be, so far.

This first picture is the body armor, yes. It's very simple, but it is only paper, so no greater details.
I might add some more ribcage armor, but it really depends on what I'm going to work with in the end.
The long choppy piece, will also be armor, which will follow my spine, as if the armor actually is a piece of me.

This is the 'prototype' of the armor rings, which I'll make 10 of total, all to fit each individual finger.
Since it's paper, I couldn't bend out the shape as it's supposed to go, but I've gotten a feeling of how I need to put it together and what size it'll be in the end.


  1. Waah! *excited* The armor rings look so cool even though it's only paper :o

  2. I'll be making armored legs soon - I'm using funky foam, you should totally try it, man.

  3. og så er de gode til at klø røven med! bonus!

  4. Chibi-armor, how cute! In a odd way xD

    But making 10 armor rings? Holy cra..

  5. Would you happen to have a tutorial on how to do the rings?

  6. Would you happen to have a tutorial on how to do the rings?

  7. Could you make a printable template of all the peices when they are finished? I would like to make these, but im just not good at free hand.

  8. Can You Make A Printable Template? These Are SooOOoo Cool And Work Perfect For My Cosplay.