Monday, April 30, 2012

Noel Kreiss: Finishing sandals, belt & wig work.

*All pictures have bigger versions for your enjoyment

After my last entry, I continued with the shoes until they were finished, what can I say? I was on a roll.
So since I finished with that, I've kept on with the pleather work and started on the 'main' belt, cut the wig and made the first make-up try. /All the while I'm embroiding every day, so busy.

This time, I didn't take too many pictures though, I was in the zone and just snapped a few, whenever I remembered, so this entry might seem a bit choppy.

The outer "fold" of the shoes, I made with the same texture pleather, as I did the tip, and the result is definitely much better than than I expected it to be.
I attached it with hotglue, textile glue and stitching where my needle would pull through, don't want it falling off suddenly, now do we?

Now this was the part I dreaded the most, I did a few tries on scrap, but still I was very worried that the fabric would be ruined if the loops slipped. Thankfully it didn't and it ended up looking real neat.

So here's the finished result... well finished and finished, I need to measure the laces and cut them, also remove some glue from the edges of the sole.
There is some small changes from the original design, but that's purely for aesthetic and comfort reasons.

As said, I got my wig, it's been cut and I'm slowly figuring out how I want it to be styled, since I want it natural and without as much product as I usually use.
The make-up is pretty natural as well, but actually as close to his look as I could get this time around. It was pretty entertaining doing, because looking closely at the artwork, you can see the colors that've been used to shade around his eyes and lips, definitely a catering to the cosplayers, haha.
Also, the reason that the wigs looks lighter, is because it's layered with powder, to make it more natural looking. /of course it shines through on direct flash like this. + awkward smile for your enjoyment

And lastly, I'm working on his leather belt, and I have to thank my roomate, Nadia, for leaving me a lot of scrap-fabric, that inspired me to use the textures I'm using in the belt! In itself, the process is pretty boring, so no more pictures than this, I'm sure you can imagine the rest.