Sunday, April 15, 2012

Noel Kreiss: Making sandals out of booties.

*All pictures have bigger versions for your enjoyment

This weekend, my bff came over, for a weekend of cosplay prepping, since I'm helping him with his first cosplay, I feel so honored to be able to help others with their cosplay.
Friday we made his patterns, and Saturday we drove out to get the fabric, and I myself got things for Noel /some pretty amazing fabric! we got our stuff ready and then we started working.

Since I wanted a break from embroidering, I decided I wanted to start on Noel's shoes, since I really like making shoes and boots, maybe because it's both crafting and sewing.
The base is an old pair of booties I've had lying around, and figured they'd be good. I know his design is flats, but with all the girls in my group wearings heels, I couldn't handle being the male AND the shorty.
I added a foam tip, to make the shoe a little wider and half-an-inch longer, comparing with my flat boots.

Then onwards to the covers, I've decided using two types of pleather, a very textured and another with a sleek look. Kaito's shoes only had two places with stitches, but since Final Fantasy's designs are so detailed, I figured I should get as close to the original as creatively possible.

God were we messy or what? ANYWAY before cutting into the original fabric for the leg-covers, I made a rough copy, wanted to see if my idea for the design would actually work. With a little touch-ups it did.

I left the the bottom free, to fit properly around my foot and the base.

And this is the result of an evenings work. All I need is to put in laces and the last piece around the ankle
I'm very satisfied with these, they've already turned out way better than I imagined /eventhough it looks like I have clowns feet on the second picture, wth? and they're really comfortable to wear and easy to walk in.
Hayes complimented me a lot on them, making me feel so humbled, I'm just happy I could actually make something this good.

Today, Sunday, I started stitching again, starting on another new color, it's moving forward! Oh yeah~
And Hayes got to finish his T-shirt for Maqui, his first, and damn, it's really well made, and I'm so proud!


  1. WAT YOU GOT HAYES INTO IT TOO? D: woah! Giiiiirl your nuts. XD looks fantastic though! I'm super excited to see the finished result : D

  2. AND BTW.... -rants on-
    Maqui is fucking sexual D: