Saturday, August 20, 2011

Future plans: J-popcon 2011

Just a quick one, to let you all know what I'm up to, the next few months.
Plans again partain my lovely partner in crime, Mie. /<3

For friday, we're doing Macross Frontier, which I'm extremely excited for, it's one of my most treasured series, and I'm happy it gets much more spotlight , than it've had in the past.
To mix things up a bit, I'm going as Sheryl and she as my Alto.

I've went over a few outfits, and originally decided on the green tunic one, but I changed my mind to one of her jumpsuits instead. Very excited to be a girly girl.

Saturday we're keeping up our Vocaloid trend, and going as the vocaloid adaption of Scarlet Demon of the Pavement, featuring Kaito, me, and Meiko, Mie.
Also going on stage with this, and working hard on making this a perfect skit. Imo, we'll either make or break, but I hope we'll succeed in make a show people 'll remember.

All in all, I think this J-popcon will be one for me to remember.
I'm very excited to see everybody else's cosplays as well.


  1. Jeg gl├Žder mig til at se showet <3

  2. OH MY GOSH - you in such a girly cosplay?! I can't even imagine xD Can't wait to see it!!

    And I don't doubt that your new Vocaloid cosplay is going to be epic QwQ