Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kensington Gardens

I was in the mood for a shoot today, so me and mustachefriend just hurried a quick shoot.

Today I've been tumblrin' too much Peter Pan, so I couldn't help myself. Peter Pan is my favorite character of all time, the mysteries and the theories that haven't been made official. He's definitely a big inspiration in my life.
This is just a closetplay, but I will be making a real cosplay of him as soon as possible.

And OMG, it's so hard smiling for real on pictures! I need to work on my cockiness.

*As always, click for larger and better quality

"You know that place between asleep and awake"

"That place where you can still remember dreaming"

"That's where I'll always be"

"That's where I'll always love you."


  1. ÅH GUD KAMI! Du har et kys på det sidste billede<3
    Jeg shipper Peter og Wendy så meget at det er usundt

  2. You are way to awesome!<3 Not faaaair~